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I bought the Beastmaker 1000 for about £70 and the power bar second hand from a mate for £20. The rest literally were odds and ends from around the house and garage. We found some plywood which we cut to shape, sanded and varnished and the plumbing pipe clips, dowel and small bolts were leftover DIY bits and bobs.Beastmaker Fingerboards and hangboards for climbing training are available from a number of brands. But, the training tool top-end, elite climbers and elite boulderers keep coming back to are Beastmaker 1000 and Beastmaker 2000 hangboards.

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Beastmaker 1000 and Beastmaker 2000 are hangboards / fingerboards for training fingers and forearms. Fingerboard for climbing training at home. Find finger training equipment for climbers here.Upcoming Beastmaker 1000 online shopping sale coupons & offers & next sale 2021. Enjoy a minimum of 5% extra with voucher codes with more effective wat for increasing savings.

Details. The Beastmaker 2000 is not a hangboard for beginners, it has been designed with the input of some of the best climbers the UK has to offer. The result is a hangboard which tests the limits of finger strength and will help you towards your high grade goals. The Beastmaker 2000 comprises of many holds which will let you specifically ...The Beastmaker 1000 is made from wood with a very fine texture which is very kind to your skin and the holds have been radiused to avoid tweaking any fingers. Comes with 6 screws for installation (2 x 70mm, 2 x 60mm, 2 x 50mmm) Dimensions - 58cm Width (X), 15cm Height (Y) 5.8cm depth (Z) Get the Beastmaker App.