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Hi, I am looking for a javascript / jQuery code for phone number validation if the phone number has all 0's in it. If the value entered is only zeros, it should display the "Enter a valid ...

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Validation Results Result from isPossibleNumber() true Result from isValidNumber() true Formatting Results: E164 format +12345678901 Original format (234) 567-8901 ext. 123 National format (234) 567-8901 ext. 123 International format +1 234-567-8901 ext. 123 Out-of-country format from US 1 (234) 567-8901 ext. 123 Out-of-country format from CH ...Allow only 10 numbers in textbox using Jquery. In this example, i will show you 10 digit mobile number validation in jquery using regular expression. we just allow only 10 digit number validation in jquery. user can only enter 10 numbers in textbox using jquery for phone number or mobile validation. it means jquery allow only 10 digits.